Easily adjustable with intuitive ROM stops.

By unlocking the pin and attaching the rigid adjustable ROM/Flexibility Straps, the Gener-8® allows for controlled active assistive range of motion as the patient applies as little or as much force into flexion, and passively  returning to the extension position. In addition, it allows for upper body exercise simultaneously and/or variable angle co-contraction isometrics if the protocol or patient chooses.

The Gener-8® allows for guided active range of motion to as little or as much motion as tolerated.

The Gener-8® provides multilevel Resistive ROM ranging from very light to heavy resistance stimulating co-contraction of quadriceps, hamstring and gluteal activation minimizing tibial translation.

The engineered patented graded multi-axial hinge joint, allows for minimal to maximal “free play” in the device, as the patient’s joint moves in PROM, AAROM, AROM or Resistive modes. The light sensors provide feedback in order for the patient to react to the stimulus to stabilize the joint.

The electromagnetic sensors pick up ROM stops and alert patient when they have reached their goal. In addition, the proprioceptive sensors guide the patient to train motion control and joint position awareness.

Unlike any other CPM, the Gener-8® is designed for active use in a seated position from almost any chair allowing the patient to be up sooner from their bed and in a more comfortable position. However, it is still versatile enough to be used from a bed or supine position.

The Gener-8® provides progressive passive knee extension at various force levels utilizing adjustable band tension technology.


This combination takes surgeries through the entire process of rehab with both physician and patient satisfaction. This testimony reflects what hundreds of others as well would say.

“Adam came out to my house within 24 hours and delivered my in-home rehab unit (Gener-8®) and educated me on the benefits and features of the program. The virtual specialist that I worked with effectively managed the progression of my doctor’s rehab protocol. I safely rehabbed in the comfort of my own home.”

Allen P.
Patient of Michael Feign, DO Colorado Springs

The Gener-8® open knee design allows for ice or compression wrap application during usage. AROM and Resistive components allow for more active muscle contraction, pumping fluid from the joint earlier in the rehabilitation process.


  • For Rehab
 – With its 8 features, rehab can be advanced faster and optimizes patient’s physical therapy visits for when best suited for no increased costs.

  • Telemedicine
 – The Gener-8® APP monitors and progresses patient from home in real time for various metrics including ROM, compliance, pain etc … as well as direct HIPPA compliant video interface to the clinician.

  • For Health Care Provider
 – Patient effectively doing more on their own at home, combined with moving towards capitated rates, the Gener-8® is the ideal solution. Also, home cares costs, complications, re-admissions and second surgeries will be greatly reduced.

Improving outcomes is the hallmark of this innovative rehabilitation device and the driving force behind the idea. Reasons why:

  • Greater Compliance
 – Most protocols are three hours, twice per day, generally from patient’s bed, couch or floor.  The Gener-8® allows patient to multi-task in ways such as, working from their home office desk / using computer or writing at a table.  All are done from the comfort of a chair; the increased comfort alone improves compliance.

  • Ease of Use
 – During an Orthopedic National Meeting and data from a National CPM provider, it was concluded the most important feature on a CPM was the ease of use.  To date, of those patient’s that have used a prior CPM, not one patient has said they preferred the traditional controller as compared to the Gener-8® controller. And, out of the next one-hundred, none of those will either.

  • Passive Knee Extension – 
Unlike any CPM on the market, Gener-8® protocols can now be written including passive knee extension.  This new protocol will virtually eliminate the possibility of stiff knee, a serious complication for the patient, and something a surgeon never wants to have happen.
  • Improved outcomes, overall cost reduction, reduced re-admissions, and home care and physical therapy costs it is a perfect fit for today’s post- operative surgeries.

  • Decreases vascular complications by early activation and mobility.



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Manufacturer #G8
ManufacturerFor You, Inc.
ApplicationContinuous Rehabilitation Machine (CRM)
Additional ContentsDura-Band®Patient Kit
Dimensions45 L Inch 12 W Inch
Extension-10 Degrees
Flexion120 Degrees
Power Supply100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Unit Weight28 lbs.
Weight Capacity350 lbs. Capacity


  • Intuitive Controller
  • Controller Rocker Button
  • Pauses – unlimited control
  • Four Modes of Motion
  • No Upper Leg Orthosis
  • Universal Setup
  • Popliteal Lifting ROM
  • More reps per minute
  • Proprioception
  • Biofeedback
  • Can be used by both adults and pediatrics
  • Seated position
  • Gener-8® Patient Monitoring App


Whether you’re renting or purchasing, all Gener-8® Continuous Rehabilitation Machines comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.  

To obtain details, please contact Gener-8®.

1773 Pine Hollow Road
McKees Rocks (Pittsburgh), PA 15136

Phone: 412.566.3490