Gener-8 Continuous Rehabilitation Machine

Never before has there been a more important time to effectively, safely and conveniently connect patients with their medical professionals. The Patient Monitoring APP allows telemonitoring to take place, as well as, collect real time patient data used by their Virtual Medical Professional to recommend next course in patient’s treatment. This is accomplished all while improving outcomes, patient satisfaction and lowering costs.

It takes the patient investing many hours, over many days to rehab their way back to a positive outcome.  This process becomes much easier as the patient is encouraged by tracking the progress they’re making.

Weeks of rehabbing can become quite emotional and exhausting.  Patients realize without following their surgeon’s protocol, outcomes will be compromised.  However, seeing is believing, and the various data points collected will bring to life just how much the patient is improving.  These data points include, goals achieved, time spent rehabbing, range of motion, reps and pain level. 

Knowledge is power, and with data captured over the course of patient’s rehab, will allow all involved to assess outcomes.  The data collected is deidentified and will bring into focus not just theories believed to effectively rehab but will now quantifiably provide these answers.